Monday, 4 June 2012

Why have champagne...

...when you can have real pain?

Huge congratulations to Justin, who has completed the Severn Challenge, winning every day in the process. A pretty awesome effort by a genuinely lovely bloke, who is probably too modest to tell anyone himself how fantastically well he did. If he could navigate, he'd be really, really dangerous; it'd save him having to overtake the other front runners at all.

Our reporter on the scene tells us that yesterday, Justin had finished the 60 miles, then later gone back out with Ken the race director to look for the other four remaining competitors...who got in at 3am. He then won the last day's marathon in a time of about 4.5 hours. Wow.

It looks like the others are going to finish the event, which is also a phenomenal effort. Well done, all of you! Five out of 21 suggests the event may be 'a bit too hard' really wasn't a field full of numpties.

I spotted GL Dave yesterday, atop Tower Bridge, a mobile phone clutched to one ear; 'I can see some barges, a river and a lady who looks a bit like the Queen; am I on course?' Fear not, Foggy, he's safe enough!

My feet are feeling a bit better today; they no longer fit SS formerly AE Dave's description of 'I have seen feet that look that bad before, but not on someone alive'. My right ankle is still swollen, but I've heard that bacon butties, tea and cake are the cure for that. My knees still itch from all the stinging nettles (did I mention there were one or two nettles?)

Now I've had requests for photos of my feet, so if you're of a nervous disposition, look away now...

I actually, genuinely, have blisters on my blisters!

A bit sore in places... Newtown, Shrewsbury, Welshpool and Ironbridge, mostly. You'll be pleased to learn that no peas were harmed in the making of those photos.

Mousers, thanks for your suggestion that I should write a book; I would, but nothing interesting ever happens to me. I must wear my hat more. Cheers!

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