Thursday, 4 April 2013

Back from the dead

So what's been happening chez Hamster? Quite a bit, I suppose.

I have been on a calorie-counting enthusiasm since last October. This, much to my surprise, has resulted in me losing some weight. I now weigh in at just under 11st, which is pretty thin for a fat lad.

Interestingly (as in 'wearing a really nice hat' type interestingly) this has resulted in my half marathon PB reducing to 1:34:11 (to include 20k in under twice my 10k PB, so that's due for revision at some point) which is about 5.5 minutes faster than when I was previously really in shape.

I'll be taking this exceptional form *cough splutter* into a marathon in about 3 weeks; now that will be entertaining.

Til then, I really am better than I used to be...

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