Monday, 16 January 2012

What's white and enforces the law?

The Fridgealante.

I returned from my run the other day to find the emergency services on my drive; police, ambulance, fire brigade, the lot; they were about to take down the front door with a battering ram.

'Oi!' I shouted, not unreasonably, 'What do you think you're doing?'
'Sorry sir,' replied a young constable 'but the staff at the chip shop hadn't seen you for so long that they got worried and called the police!'

Weight loss is going quite well. I'm down to 12st 7 unofficially, so only a fortnight behind schedule; I've also run two consecutive 50 mile weeks and I'm feeling good.

I also note that Chrissie Wellington is following my lead in not racing IM this year; for me, it's all about the run!


  1. Shipmate, I am in the fatness contest with u. After my bought of shaggers back in 2010 followed by work hell, life's been a bit shitey. But all will be changing soon as we are moving countries again, so by the summer hope to be settled and moving things off the belly tyre. Keep at it , the G-S's

  2. Cheers matey! Get you with your international jet-srtting again! I guess it must be a right pain in the proverbial...
    Any plans for races this year?