Monday, 31 October 2011

A skeleton walked into a bar...

...and asked for a pint of lager and a mop.

Time for a review of my first full month of training for the Severn Challenge. While I may not yet be skeletal in build, I have lost 5lb this month, my current weight being 13st dead. I gained 1/4 of a pound in the last week; I'd like to think it was muscle glycogen from easy week, but 'twas more likely the cream tea, pasties, Chinese, bottle of wine and several pints of Rattler consumed during a long weekend in Cornwall. We did manage some training, including failing to locate the castle at Castledore; kind of a shame really as the castle is the main point of the place.

I completed my now traditional fourteen mile long run in the dark today...on Halloween. I failed dismally to spot any ghosties or hobgoblins, though there was that woman with the dog. 'Which woman?' I hear you ask. No, just a neighbour.

I shaved over 24 seconds a mile off from my previous run round the same loop wearing the rucksack three weeks ago, so something is working, but my pace is still slowing during the final five miles for the same heartrate; not scarily good, but not frightful either. And I've been out and held the pads for Squish to do some boxing, so I don't feel like the living dead either.

142 miles run this month and 38 walked; no serious niggles or injuries. As long as I can avoid my daughter's projectile vomiting bug, I should be fine for another good month of training. I expect that with the ground now getting wetter, my cross country times will get no better, but the workouts will get harder. I enjoy runs when I come back looking like a swamp creature, so it should be a real treat.

And Dave and Dave have entered, but Dave is still resisting. You know what to do...


  1. has he entered yet?

  2. Waiting for the 3rd man..again...what a are obviously not using the correct motivational techniques..have you mentioned beer yet?

  3. (One of the) Daves1 November 2011 at 09:45

    Looks like your training's going well. I'm having trouble getting over 10 miles a week due to various knocks and niggles at the moment.

  4. Dave knows he wants to...

    Ah, Mr P, you know that you're in far better shape than me at the moment and so don't need to be busting a gut; if I can get back to where I was at by the end of this year, training proper starts next year. You've got two months to recover before you need to start working.