Monday, 17 October 2011


soooooooo good! It's easy week after three weeks of hard work (103.4 miles running and 45.5 miles walking to date) and I'm glad of the rest. I've been surprisingly tired considering no running has been at high intensity; I guess getting up to near 50 mile weeks has been tough.

The results, however have been excellent; on today's long run, I covered 8.66 miles at 10:09 min miling; when I started, I was at 12:29 min miling; something's working.

I've taken 10 minutes off my standard walk time and currently weigh in at 13st 1 (and a quarter if you can believe that scales can be that accurate)'s all looking good.

I'm not going to do anything radically different for the next three hard weeks; just going to do much the same again only finish feeling fresher; for the next week, however, it's feet up!

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