Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Some days it's worth getting out of bed

It's a fantastic feeling when the numbers tell you that training works.

Today I set out with Squish for the first 2.25 miles of my multi-terrain 6.25 mile route, before she took the shorter path, leaving me to go the long way round. We had a nice chat, my heart rate stayed low and I was perhaps a couple of minutes slower than usual to that point; I then allowed my HR to rise to my standard training rate of 150 or below for the rest of the run, which was decidedly claggy after the first serious rain for weeks. I caught Squish again a couple of tenths from home and we jogged in together.

It was a 45 sec PB for the route at an average of 6BPM lower than the previous PB.

Wednesday is also home to the Wednesday Whale Weigh (done at the Whaleweigh Station of course.)

I've just about cracked 13st at 12st 13 and three quarters. It's tenuous, but I'll take it; psychological milestone achieved.

I still have an awful long way to go to be back to where I was (I need to be running 9 min miles on road for an average HR of <150 for 20 miles and be 12st 7 or below) but it's looking ever more possible that I'll be there by the new year. After that, I can work on being better than I used to be!

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  1. I like how he put 'we jogged home together'.... I was flippin sprinting I tell ye! ;-)