Saturday, 26 May 2012

I hear that at the Severn Challenge, they're making you camp.

Well I've got some 80s cheese on my IPlod and I'll be wearing tight lycra, but I don't think I'll be camp.

Ooh a double entendre on temporarily living in a tent/being theatrically effeminate; not since the 'sex with a chihuahua' joke have I stooped so low.

I'm not spending four nights in a tent, even though they look very nice'n'all. Many moons ago, I hurt my neck playing rugby; over the years it's given me progressively fewer and fewer problems, but it can still play up if I'm tired and it gets cold and in a draught. This takes the form of enough pain to stop me putting my feet on the floor the next day, which would obviously put me out of the Severn Challenge, so I'm not risking it.

It may be theatrically effeminate of me, but it's also very sensible. Camp? Me? Only in the one sense...

1 comment:

  1. If you need to camp I can give you some lessons... mince on.