Sunday, 27 May 2012

I put on my kit and said to my wife...

'Do I look fat in this?'
'Maybe a little,' she replied, .but to be fair, it's a vey small bathroom.'

Weighty matters for today's feeble punnage. I am putting together a rough schedule of calories in and out for my Severn Challenge attempt.

Let's assume that I cover 45 miles a day at 150kCal a mile; that's 6750 kCals burned; throw in another 1500 for basal metabolic functions and that's a total of 8250 used.

Let's assume I can absorb about 200kCal/hour every hour; this may be a bit simplistic, but this is a blog not a scientific paper so ner! That's 4800kcal in.

Subtract one from t'other and that's 3450kCal a day of deficit, which give or take a lettuce leaf, is a pound of fat lost. Throw in the loss of a few lb of glycogen (which hopefully I'll have plenty of, what with the pies I've been eating'n'all) and I reckon I'll be aboout 10lb down by the end of the event.

If you too would like to be ten pounds down by the time I finish, there's a handy Justgiving linky in several places on this page! Thanks in advance!

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