Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Why did the chicken cross the road?

Because it was there. There was something within the chicken that made it think 'I wonder what's on the other side?' and it ate away at the chicken until one day, the chicken thought 'I'm just going to take a look.'

That chicken, by crossing the road, won the admiration of many other chickens and became a hero to chickenkind. Or got run over. It really doesn't matter, except possibly to the chicken, but that chicken will always be my hero, for trying when others found it too daunting.

I have many heroes; if you've ever done something amazing, if you've ever pushed on when something has been difficult or seemed impossible, if you've ever become an overnight success after years of hard work (and I know your story) you're probably already on my list.

Some are perhaps obvious; people who are famous for their deeds:
Bob and Sir Ian, who are forgiven every subsequent hint of fallability after Headingley 1981; total belief that nothing is impossible.
Charles, for having the courage of his convictions when both Church and state said he was wrong
'Titus' for 'I am just going outside and may be some time'; nobility, courage and sang froid in the face of certain death

Some will never be widely known:
John, for an Ironman finish that was a total triumph of will over talent; I'd never seen someone outside of elite sport wring so much performance from their body; one of the very few for whom the phrase 'he gave 110%' is appropriate
Kath, for doing what she does, giving what she gives and doing it one one kidney (and that's her mother's); utter courage and self belief
Simon, for even thinking that running in snowy wastes immediately after desert heat was a sensible idea

And some I've added this year:
Claire, for a full life well lived and tragically curtailed. She can have my last mile.
Kaz, for her ten in ten marathons. What tremendous guts and self-belief
Darren, for his 6:29ish at the London Marathon...on a broken leg. I'm hoping for your pain management skills...

I'm lucky enough to count as friends some pretty amazing people; each and every one of you will be giving me inspiration during my little jogette. Please just take a moment to consider, without false modesty, the remarkable things that you've done. It's ok if you're a stranger on the internet, you can join in too; some of my best friends were once strangers on the internet.

I hope you're smiling now; if not,think again and TRY HARDER! It's not about crossing the road, it's about daring to try.


  1. Wonderful post, Crashie. Speaking as someone that used to be a stranger on the internet, but now has years of memories of (the real) you: running, cycling, supporting, shouting, being covered in questionable white fluid, laughing, crying, making me cry with laughter...I even have a photograph, somewhere, of both of us at my very first race, the Sodbury Slog 2004.
    I shall be just one of your very many friends who will be on the edge of their seats for quite some time in a week or so, hoping for news as you cross another of your own roads.
    Big luvs

    1. Why thank you, Jj

      Of course, I may get run over, but theat's the fun of it :o)